The Cistern Chapel

Maryborough, Queensland Australia

Visit the Cistern Chapel in Maryborough, Queensland Australia. A public toilet block attached to City Hall in Kent St has been transformed into a beautiful work of art.

A ‘Divine Dunnies’ volunteer committee raised funds, got the Fraser Coast Regional Council onside and generated support from local businesses, to unveil a masterstroke of public art.

Nancy Bates,  community champion and former editor of local newspaper the Fraser Coast Chronicle, led the charge. Nancy had visited the previous toilets, saw how unsavoury they were and set the wheels in motion to bring the toilets that she thought were ‘1950’s dowdy’ pirouetting elegantly into the 21st century.

In a cheeky nod to Michaelangelo’s brushstrokes on the Sistine Chapel which honour consecrated spaces, the Queensland city of Maryborough has taken the humble public toilet and given it damn good shake-up.

The Cistern Chapel with its magical artwork is spreading pure joy with plenty of cheeky, quirky humour to make people smile. There’s a downright festive air around the loos with divine views.

Artists were chosen from a tender process, with Fraser Coast locals Akos Juhasz and Gary Madden the key artists involved. Akos’ work is well-known in the region with many local murals  featuring Akos’ unique style. Gary Madden has created a soothing space in the Parents Room with plenty of quirky characters to appeal to youngsters.

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